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'Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it's much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!' 

The Lost Tower Bookshop is an independent online bookshop selling a range of exciting, unique books.

We have books for every occasion either happy, thankful or sad. There are humorous books for cat and dog lovers to enjoy as well as books for readers requiring more contemplative reading.

Our full range of titles is located in our Bookshop.

The bespoke books we sell have all been published under Lost Tower Publications. Lost Tower Publications is a small press collective, printing some of the most exciting fiction in England. 

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And the Tail Wagged On...

And the Tail Wagged On is both a celebration of the love and an investigation into the leash that binds both dog to human and human to dog. It is also an exploration into the traumas of dog-human ownership as in the unexpected arrival of a fearsome kitten and the problems that arise when one is always having to show an alleged natural hunting instincts when facing possums, squirrels or other wild animals.

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The Poetry of Flowers 

Flowers are well known to have many different symbolisms, the red rose is often connoted with stories of love, whilst the red of the poppy offers hope and prosperity in light of death. In many cultures, flowers such as the lily are used to symbolise life and resurrection, associating with the sun; in fact, most, if not all flowers will have meaning to someone, somewhere – be it a cultural association, or a personal story.  

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Purrfect Poetry

Presenting Purrfect Poetry, cat lovers will adore this hilariously entertaining collection of poetry and photographs chronicling the special relationship we have with our feline friends!                    

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The Sea

Along The Shore is a beautiful and dynamic exploration of the sea. 

Beautifully illustrated with modern expressionistic prints of the sea and the shore.

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