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Poems can be up to 70 lines

Poems can be of any form or style

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Unfortunately, no free poetry books will be given to individual poets but we try to give our poets as much publicity as possible!

Beyond the Hill

Beyond the Hill was inspired by the Duke of Wellington's quote, ''The whole art of war consists of guessing at what is on the other side of the hill.'

This anthology will be a gritty, grim, realistic account of modern day warfare.

      We want this anthology to,

  • celebrate and honour those who gave their lives for their country.
  • be a mouthpiece for those who have served
  • be an informative source the effects of modern warfare on civilians and combatants
  • we are also collecting accounts of former serving combatants reflecting their tours of duty, memories and what it was like for them to come back home.  
  • Black and white photographs of soldiers or elements of warfare.

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Beyond the Hill

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The Joy of Reading

'It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.'  Oscar Wilde

Beyond the Hill

Submission to this poetry anthology will close 1st April 2017.

Conditions & Guidelines

  • All poems submitted will be considered for inclusion in this anthology
  • All poems must be the author's own work
  • Unpublished poems and those previously published can be submitted
  • Authors are responsible for informing Lost Tower Publications of any licenses or conditions they have.
  • Copyright remains with the author
  • Poems can be up to 70 lines in length
  • Poems can  have any form or style
  •  Poems must have a theme of the 
  • Only  selected poems will be published in Beyond the Hill.
  • The editor's decision on those chosen for publication is final, no correspondence will be entered to save for notification of whether the work is to be included in the anthology
  • Copyright of individual poems  remains with the author at all times
  • Successful entries will be published in paperback
  • On entering your poem  into this competition you agree to your work being published in Beyond the Hill.
  • This is a royalty free anthology
  • No free books will be given to individual poets
  • We donate free books to libraries and old peoples home of our choice.