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Selected International Poets
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'An impressive, unique anthology comes alive with spectacular photographs and writing from first-hand experiences… A beautiful book'

   Eastern Voices takes you on a poetic journey through the excitement and mystery that is South Asia.South Asia is a vast, vibrant mix of fascinating landscapes, diverse culture and once in a lifetime experiences. This voyage of discovery will take you to India, Nepal and Pakistan. 

  Experience the countries from the perspective of both tourists and locals alike. Let Eastern Voices guide you on a tour of the region exploring the majesty of the Taj Mahal, scouting for tigers in the backwaters of Kerala and travelling through the stunning scenery of the Himalayas. 
Through the pages of this anthology, you will journey to the heart of South Asia. 

  The poets published in this anthology were carefully selected from a worldwide search by Lost Tower Publications. Many of the poets in this anthology are award-winning poets which is reflected in the beauty, creativity and uniqueness of the poetry of Eastern Voices which includes the reflective Indian poets Aditya Shankar and Sunil Sharma. While Rosalyn Mahratta’s poetry gives the reader a fascinating, honest view of life in the Himalayas. Pakistan the home of the second highest mountain in the world, K2, is also represented in Eastern Voices by the new generation of Pakistani poets including Amina Agha.
     East Asia comes alive with beautiful photographs of the region while the poetry gives you little-known insights into the different countries of South Asia which travellers rarely see.

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Eastern Voices

74 pages

Lost Tower Publications

July  2014


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