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The following poets had their work featured in the Shout It Out! anthology:

Ijaz Bashir Ahmad Adeiza Atureta Elizabeth Beck Lurana Brown Lissie Bull Denise C. Buschmann Noel Canin Stephanie Carter Tammy Carter Ceó Bruce Colbert Fathima E.V. Mark Frank Edna Garcia Derek Goodreid Norbert Gora Linda Flaherty Haltmaier Eric Harvey Cara Hughes Sterling Jacobs Sunaina Jain Jennifer Jean Debbie Johnson Kate Jones Ruchhita Kazaria Daniel Klawitter Linda Kraus Mandy Macdonald Indunil Madhusankha Bob McNeil Richard Milne Archita Mittra Ashraf V. Nediyanad Roseville Nidea Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Anil Kumar Panda Grace Pasco Priya Patel Sureshika Piyasena Poetzee Ankita Rathour Shirley Rebstock P.J. Reed Lennée Reid Richard Rensberry Nicole Riley Elisavietta Ritchie Lorna Roberts Terrell M. Robinson Wendy Mannis Scher Parminder Singh Sharyn Stone Lynn Tait Kamal Kumar Tanti Jeri Thompson Mary Langer Thompson Zoha Umar P.C. Vandall Sylvia Riojas Vaughn Heidi Willson Glen Wilson Abigail Elizabeth Ottley Wyatt Cigeng Zhang

Shout It Out!

Selected International Poets
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   Shout It Out!  is a universal, poetic outcry against domestic violence. Poets from America, Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the Philippines have all lent their support and writing to this literary protest. This anthology is the 2016 charity anthology from Lost Tower Publications sold to raise money to support victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a cycle of repeated, abusive behaviour. It can affect men, women, and children. It knows no barriers of sex and age. Domestic violence affects everyone, everywhere in the world.

     The poems in this anthology have been selected to demonstrate the traumatic effects of abuse. They reflect the different varieties of abuse and people’s differing responses to domestic violence. Abusers are found in many forms. Elizabeth Beck ‘Temper Tantrum’ is an insightful poem about an abusive mother, while Bruce Colbert poem, ‘She Loved Him Still’ recounts the traumatic tale of a boy witnessing his mother’s abuse at the hands of his father. There are also poems about the dangers of abusive love affairs such as Debbie Johnson’s poem ‘Deception’ of when a love affair goes wrong. The feelings of anger, fear and helplessness of those being abused are also shown in Cara Hughes’ powerful poem, ‘Controlled’, Ruchhita Kazaria’s, ‘Will I Ever Heal’ and Kate Jones’, ‘Pavlov’s Bitch’. The poems in this anthology also explore other people’s response to domestic violence such as the chilling neglect shown in Daniel Klawitter’s, ‘Neighbourhood Disturbance.’

Finally, there are poems of hope.

These poems detail life after escaping from domestic violence and show how life can be started again and happiness found as in Sylvia Riojas Vaughn’s, ‘Life After Fleeing to the Shelter.’

Shout It Out!

116 pages

Lost Tower Publications

May 2016


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