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Poetry Submissions Wanted 

Terms And Conditions

  • All poems  submitted, for which the submission fee has been paid, will be entered into The Double Happiness Competition 2016-7
  • The poems will be judged by poet P.J. Reed. Her decision is final and will be upheld.
  • No friends, acquaintances or family members of people employed by Lost Tower Publications/ The Poetry Bookshop are permitted to enter this competition
  • All poems  must be the author's own work
  • Unpublished poems and those previously published can be submitted
  • Authors are responsible for informing Lost Tower Publications of any licenses or conditions they have.
  • Copyright remains with the author and authors of all poems selected  will be asked to  agree to the copyright notice 
  •  Poems can be up to 70 lines in length
  •  Poems can be on any subject, have any form or style
  • No correspondence will be entered to save for notification of whether the work has won or been awarded a Highly Commended. This notification will be sent in Summer 2016-7
  • Copyright of individual poems remains with the author at all times
  • On entering your poem into this competition you agree to your work being published on The Lost Tower Publications websites and social media sites.

The Double Happiness Competition  2016-17 


This competition to find the greatest love poem of 2016-7 is open.

Poems can be up to 70 lines:

  • Poems can be of any form or style
  • Poems  must be written about aspects of love
  • This competition is run by Lost Tower Publications.

Poetry Prize

The poem judged as the most exciting, dynamic and unusual will:

  • Receive a £10  prize;
  • Receive 2 Poetry Books from Lost Tower Publications
  • and  have their poem published on The Poetry Bookshop and Lost Tower Publications websites and/or social media pages.

There is a submission fee £3.00 for up to three poems.

2016-7 Competition Entries


Title of Poem

Seth K. Murti

A Womans Worth


Love in the Hay

Allan Lake Her Prince
Uma Venkatraman 

Falling in Love - a sestina

Love and I

Night of Love - a ghazal

Moana Mink

For M

Exemplar Illuminum

Storming In and Drifting Out

Azfal Nusker

Smitten by You

From Barren to Garden

Roger Sippl

The Lover's Etiquette

Lifelong Couples

So many Stars

Bryon Richard Smith Kisses In Time
Eleanor Sivins The Guarded Ones 
There Are No Regrets
The Facade
Dianne Turner Signatures of Love 

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The Joy of Reading

'It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.'  Oscar Wilde

Competition Deadline

The Double Happiness Love Poetry Competition will close for submissions 30 June 2017.

Payment Options

  Please read the guidelines and conditions below:

  • If you wish to submit a  poem or poems, click on the Pay Now button to purchase a submission fee for  £3.00 (GBP); this will take you through to PayPal where you can pay using PayPal, debit or credit card.
  • Once you have paid the submission fee you will be directed to a Thank You page which will give you  the submission email address and further instructions on how to  submit your work.
  • Poems will only go forward to the selection process if the submission fee has been paid, and a maximum of three per submission fee is permissible
  • The closing date for submissions is Summer 2017.
  • Payment of the submission fee denotes that you agree to the Guidelines and Conditions below and agree for your work, should it be selected, to be published on The Poetry Bookshop and Lost Tower Publications websites and/or social media pages.

How To Submit Your Poem

Below this box, you will see A PayPal Box.

Choose the box of your currency and pay the very small but necessary competition.

Once you have paid that you will be directed to the submission page.

Poems will be submitted via their own special submission form.

If you wish to pay by cheque please click here

Competition Entry Fee

To Submit Your Poems For judging in The Double Happiness Competition 2016-7.

Please press the PayPal button to submit Your Reading Fee

Of £3.00.