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The Poetry of Flowers

The Poetry of Flowers

 Selected International Poets

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'Simply Stunning'
The Poetry of Flowers anthology is a worldwide
appreciation of the beauty and mystique of the humble
flower and garden.  
Poets from America, Canada, England, Holland, India,
Malta, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland,
South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela have all offered
their admiration, displaying a wide range of interpretation
in their love, affection and relationships with the world of
Flowers are well known to have many different symbolisms, the red rose is often connoted with stories of love, whilst the red of the poppy offers hope and prosperity in light of death. In many cultures, flowers such as the lily are used to symbolise life and resurrection, associating with the sun; in fact, most, if not all flowers will have meaning to someone, somewhere – be it a cultural association, or a personal story.  
This anthology is a beautiful, sensitive celebration of our relationship with flowers.

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The Poetry of Flowers

106 pages

Lost Tower Publications

October 2016


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